Selasa, 19 Juli 2011


  Music is an art form which the medium is sound. The word comes from Greek, mousike.
  The style of the music is divided into three, they are art music, popular music, and traditional  music. In these styles, they can be divided into several genres, and sub-genres. For example in art music, the genre in this style is classical music. While in popular music, the genres are hip-hop, blues, rock, jazz, pop music, and so on. In traditional music, every region has the characteristics of each.
   Style, and the music genre has its own listeners, who feel more comfortable when listening to that style. Now, young people usually like to listen to the loud music style, like a rock music. While, old people usually prefer to listen to the slow music style, like a slow rock music. This is because the genre is growing rapidly in that era.
    Music has a lot of characters, rangin from loud, cheerful, even spirit. Therefore, music can affect our mood like happy, sad, and angry.
    There are many kinds of music instruments, ranging from guitar, keyboard, drum, bass, flute, saxophone, xylophone, and so on. Drum is one of percussion instrument, while guitar, keyboard, saxophone, and xylophone are the example of melodic instrument. All of them has its own function.

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